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To experience a completely immersive cinematic experience, Ultra-High Definition 4k video is provided along with 3D Dolby Atmos audio for the most immersive surround sound experience to date. The Home Theater System is integrated into the Home Automation System providing seamless integration with Lighting Control. Just a click of a button will dim the lights, set the perfect audio settings and start your movie seamlessly. Play a movie from any source like Disney Plus, Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. For more dramatic movie experience, customized lighting systems can be installed that can respond to what is happening on screen.


With our advance seamless video tiling technology, you can watch up to nine audio and video sources on a single screen at the same time. Through single screen, you can watch sporting matches, play multiple movies, watch news channels through multiple video sources simultaneously. For video game competitions, screens of multiple players in different room can be tiled on a single screen, connected to Xbox or PlayStation. Through Audio Video Distribution System, play the same video in multiple location of the house simultaneously from a single source like Apple TV, Roku etc. Also watch separate shows of NETFLIX in different rooms at the same time through single NETFLIX subscription.


With the help of centralized control in our smart home system, control background music throughout the house. Play favorite streams of audio sources like Spotify, Pandora, Deezer etc. in in any room of the house at any time simultaneously. Each room can have own playlist and can set the mood with the touch of a button on a wall keypad or smart phone/tablet. To minimize the visual impact and provide aesthetics, all the wires are hidden and speakers can be placed in the ceiling, walls, shelfs and outdoor, etc.


While hosting an outdoor event, control the music and lights simply through your phone. Our weatherproof speakers and accessories ensure no matter it is sun beaming high or the rain falling, your smart home automation system is unaffected. You can play audio, video, and control the lighting to make the outdoor area more enjoyable.