Design Build Process

Our approach to every project is broken down into 5 steps. We find this to be the optimal way to achieve the desired outcome. This also allows us to identify potential and unforeseen problems ahead of time.

01. Discovery Process

During this step, we ask the client their exact requirements and demands to ascertain their expectations for their smart home. During this discussion, we discuss the budget, the new working trends as well as the level of integration the client requires.

02. System Design​

The second step is the creation of a design report. Keeping in mind the demands of the client, a detailed report is made to outline every required functionality. Along with this, a pictorial and schematic layout of each component along with wiring is designed. It is provided to the client for his understanding and approval.

03. Engineering

After approval from the client, we create detailed drawings and documentation to provide full information about the solution provided and components used. These technical documents are shared with consultants and site contractors so that all the construction is done accordingly.

04. Implementation Process​

Coordination between all relevant parties is properly maintained to ensure a smooth process till the completion of the project. After installing the devices and doing their proper connections, we perform the testing and commissioning. Advance programming is done to provide customization and personalization the client requires. Once the client is satisfied with the solution, then the project is considered complete.

05. Service & Support

The final as-built system design and drawings are handed over to the client. All the documentation of the system and products used is provided along with training on how to utilize the smart home system for maximum comfort and convenience. However, our work doesn’t end here. We offer smart home support even after this step. The client can contact us for any changes he requires in his smart home. Whenever a glitch finds its way into the installed system, we are there for support. Also, the AMC Contract is provided which gives great satisfaction to the client.