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Home Automation System


The advancement of technology has made sure that there is least inconvenience in our lives and homes. Our homes are becoming more live-able of by getting intelligent, thanks to the progression of technology. A smart home is the one that can easily be operated through the touch of the mobile phone. Smart home is the future of living where everything happens with remote access thus improving lives and helping them pace with the rapidly changing world. Home automation is essentially automating the control of devices and their functions in your house on a simple push of a button or click on your mobile app. Your Smart Home System includes Smart lighting, AC Control, Smart Curtains, Audio/Video Systems, Security Systems and all things related to the house, no matter where you are. This leads to a lot of time and fuss saving, adding extra convenience in your life.


All the functions in the smart automation system work in excellent coordination. You no longer need to worry about turning off your bathroom lights right after leaving the house, as a single click on your smartphone would do the task. Even after reaching home, you can use your customized smart home interface and it will turn your home into exactly how you like it. From setting the temperature according to your requirements or playing the latest song you are obsessed with, your smart home does it all. By turning your house smart, we ensure that you no longer have to juggle with many switches, wires and remote functions. The best part is the Smart Home System is exceptionally user-friendly, and you don’t have to be a tech geek to know how to use it.


While living in a happening place like Dubai, one always looks forward to some peace and convenience at home. By offering customized lighting control, we give you the liberty to change your house's ambience just according to your mood. Our home automation lighting control systems allow you to change your room settings on touch of a button. You can make use of pre-programmed lighting scenes to create relaxed ambience during evenings. While partying, a single click of the remote will change the living-room's illumination to sharp-bright hues. Your lighting can be programmed to vary as per the elements within a movie for a mesmerizing experience. Nevertheless, if you are in the mood to unwind, the same click will give a smooth and relaxing vibe by altering the light's shade in your room. Clicking the option of ‘good-night’ will automatically turn the lights off and put you to sleep. Lighting can also be programmed in rooms when you are away using presence simulation to give the impression that someone is home.


Are you always particular about the level of cooling that you want in your house? We offer you exactly that. Home automation system enables easy control of cooling for each room in your home independently. It also offers intelligent schedules and remote access from anywhere in the world. The AC Control, coupled with the right level of a heating system working in coordination, ensures that you neither get too cold nor do you sweat out. Smart climate control work in coordination with Lights Control and Blind Control to keep the vibe of your house exactly as you want it. Through the app, you can monitor energy consumption and can activate energy saving modes to turn off AC automatically if there is no body in the room.


Windows play a significant role in maintaining the vibe of a house. Our Home Automation Systems capitalize on it and give you a secure and relaxing environment while saving energy to the maximum. Through our home automation system, we can automate the curtains to open or close at specific times automatically. In case you forget to close the curtains, through smart phone you can control them remotely. Our motorized window systems will help you adjust the sunlight in your home to create more energy efficiency and protect all items in the house from light through the touch of a button. It will let you enjoy the right amount of natural light. You will be able to enjoy more warmth in the winter and the right amount of sunlight in the summer.


While living in a very busy place like Dubai, one always worries about the security of his home and family members. Through our smart home system connected with the security system, we offer our customers just that. Even if you are hundreds of miles away from your home, you can always keep your surveillance on. Monitoring becomes easier with the phone. You don’t even need to go out and see who is at the door, as the security system installed there will give you the information. Remotely allow access to known parties for entering the house through your smart lock. Through our Smart Home System, you will be notified every time someone rings the door.