What sets our company apart from others is the excellence with which our people serve their customers. We have ensured that every member working in our company is well-trained and knows how to dole out the right services to the right clients. From the short terms assistance like informing the clients about our products to the long-term services like installing the required smart home programming in the house, we do it all. If you are curious about knowing the services that our people offer their clients in Texas, you can always have an in-depth look at them.


The smart home design is a novel concept and not a lot of people know about it. Realizing this lack of information, our people start their activities by disseminating the information to those who need it. Alongside this, we extend the consultation services furthermore by suggesting the brands that will work best for the clients, according to the kind of smart home that they want. One thing to add here is that all the consultation is done by keeping in mind the exact demands of the client. We prefer asking the customers about the level of connectivity that they want before dishing out our suggestions to them. Eventually, they can make the right decisions by keeping in mind all the possible pros and cons.

Design & Engineering

It is essential to realize that once the installation is made, removing or remodelling it may get extremely inconvenient and costly. It would take a lot of time and may end up providing no real benefits. This is why; our company confers with clients extensively during the engineering and designing procedure. Our team of architects, technicians and designers work in unison to provide the best end-results to the clients. Minute attention to the detailing ensures that the smart home installation process ends up with genuine advantages. A detailed plan concerning the management of power, a system of wiring, location of the hardware and device control saves the hassle of changes later on.

Lighting Design

Providing a sophisticated lighting system by designing it with great efficiency is one of our fortes. Considering the requirements of the clients, we offer them a highly illuminated, or moderately brightened space, which they can operate according to their wishes. For that, our top-notch engineers collaborate with the interior designers and chalk out the perfect plan. For that matter, the technical sensitivities are also kept in mind.

System Documentation

Let's get this right: documentation of every step is required for impressive results. Where a lot of companies find it a great hassle to document every step, it is a norm for us. We ensure that all the members involved in the installation of this technology in the house are a part of this documentation procedure. Now be it the technicians working power, engineers operating the layout, interior designers adjusting the space or audio/video system expert, everyone is a part of the documentation. It heightens the level of cooperation amongst the people working towards giving you smart home and limits the chances of any confusion arising at the later point of time.

Project Management

Every home that we take up is an important project for us. We are aware of the fact that our client has put great expectations on us, and we need to deliver services par excellence. This is why we try our level best to aware ourselves will all the possible problems that may appear once the smart home design is executed. For that, we have out project managers who take a microscopic look at every step of the process. This proactive approach by our company keeps all the different people in the loop by a supervisor overseeing them. It also adds to the coordination with which everyone is performing his duties in the process.


What’s the point in having a smart home where you can’t operate its functions easily? None, right? Our people are aware of this possible problem and rule it out while installing this technology in your house. From the light design to the heating/cooling system and from the media control to the shading, everything has a simple user interface. Even with the highest level of advancement, the technology we install is easy to use and exercise. The language used is easy to understand and you won’t have to search Google every time you would want to perform. No matter you want to opt for the manual, remote or touch system to operate the various integrated systems of your smart home, we guarantee that you don’t have to seek the manual. Everything is so uncomplicated that you would find great joy in it.

System Monitoring

The high level of monitoring facility that one gets after turning his regular house into a smart house is praiseworthy. With the integration, the user can monitor the services in the most efficient manner possible. With every faction of information available, the user ends up being more well-informed. As a result, saving energy, scheduling maintenance as well as maintaining a high level of security becomes possible.

Maintenance & Support

Constant maintenance and upkeep of the integrated system are needed in order to keep it in the working position. Even after our services are completely delivered, we still keep a check on the working of this system and ensure its high performance. In case something messes up, we reach the location instantly and resolve the problem. A quick fix can surely reduce the chances of intricate issues. Alongside this, as technology keeps advancing time to time, we keep our clients in the loop and upgrade their system whenever they require us to do so. Communication is the key here, and we stay in touch with the clients to solve all their latte problems.